Austrian Hospice

Organ no. 10 | Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family- Jerusalem

The liturgical organ of the Austrian Hospice was constructed in 1910 by the organ-builder Rieger from Jagerndorf (now Krnov) in the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia), opus number 1706. It is placed on the gallery of the hospice’s chapel, with enough space for a small choir to gather around the organist. The dark oak case is in the form of a triptych with three rectangular openings in the lower part and three arches in the upper part. The central arch is dominated by a capital bearing a cross, surrounded by a rectangle. On each side there is a statue of an angel playing a trumpet, one with its wings open above its head and the other with its wings folded on its back.

This organ was originally supplied with foot-pumped bellows, since there was no electricity supply inside the Old City at that time, but in 1999 extensive repairs were made by Rieger himself, including an electric wind motor.

Description of the organ

Disposition 7 stops

Manual 56 notes

Principal 8′
Viola di Gamba 8′
Gedeckt 8′
Dulciana 8′
Vox Celestis 8′
Flauto Dolce 4′

Pedal upright 27 notes

Bourdon 16′

Piano and Forte presets

Pneumatic manual and stop action