Saint Saviour Franciscan Monastery – study organ

Organ no. 5

This accompaniment organ has been placed on a low stage, alongside the wall of the Festivities Hall of the Monastery. This hall has been accomodated recently in a very large old cellar of one of the numerous buildings of the Monastery. The organ was built by the German organ-builder Walcker. It was donated to the Monastery in 2006.

Description of the organ

Disposition of the organ   8 stops

First Keyboard (lowest) 56 notes

Gedeckt 8′
Principal 4′
Mixture II-III

Second Keyboard

Gemshorn 8′
Rohrflote 4′
Principal 2′
Quinta 1 1/3

Pedal upright 30 notes

Subbass 16′

Couplers II-III II-P I-P

Fully mechanical action