Saint Anthony Church Jaffa

Organ n. 39 | Organ of the church of St. Anthony

This organ, which belongs to the General Custodianship of the Holy Land, was previously installed at the Saint Sepulcher church in Jerusalem. It is an instrument constructed by Rieger and inaugurated in 1896, as stated on a plaque attached to the organ case.
The organ was transferred in 1980 after having been completely modified by Brother Delfin Taboada who equipped it with an electro-pneumatic action and a movable Italian electric console. In 1991, Brother Taboada undertook a complete rebuilding of it, adding a two-feet stop and removing a Mixture rank.
A new modification was made by G. Shamir in 1995. Dolce 4′ and Decimaquinta 2′ of the first manual were transformed into Tierce 1 3/5′ and into Nasard 2 3/5′. On the second keyboard, the Violetta 2′ became a Decimaquinta.

The organ is placed on an organ loft above the entrance door of the nave. The case is in a Greek style in painted wood. The Principal pipes are placed in the center. The case has a Lent curtain, a curtain especially intended to hide the organ pipes during Lent.

Description of the organ

Disposition 13 stops

First manual Great 58 notes

Principal 8′
Octave 4′
Nazardo 2 3/5′
Mixture III
Voce Umana 8′
Flute 8′
Tierce 1 3/5′

Second Manual – Swell

Corno Camoscio 8′ (Gemshorn)
Salice 4′
Flute à Cheminée 8′
Decimaquinta 2′

Pedal radial

Soubbasse 16′ (closed)
Violone 8′

Couplers II/I II/I 4′ II/I 16′ I/I 4′ II/II 4′

Manual tutti preset

Forte preset

Four fixed (pre-programmed) pistons for each manual
One free general piston

Electro-pneumatic action for manuals and stops