Crusaders Church Abu-Gosh

organ nb. 25 | The organ of the Crusader Church in Abu Gosh

This liturgical organ was offered to the Crusader church of Abu-Gosh by the French minister of Foreign affairs, M. Roland Dumas. It was entirely designed and brought to life by Brother D. Taboada. It was inaugurated in 1986.
Its organ case, in the form of a triptych, was made of pine with certain elements of plywood. On the top of it is a wooden freeze representing decorative flowers. The console is electrically connected to the instrument, which allows it to be turned at the wish of the organist.

The organ is placed on the floor and against the wall in the narrow part of the nave and the console is generally oriented towards the choir. The Principal 4′ comes from an old Agati organ (end of the 18th century), installed first in Tripoli, Syria, later moved to Latakia, and finally moved to Jerusalem. The bourdon is also very old but its provenance is unknown. The Cor Anglais is from about 1930. It comes from a German organ found in Bethlehem.

Description of the organ


One manual – 56 notes

Bourdon 8′
Cor Anglais 8′
Principal 4′
Flute 4′
Octave 2′
Sifflet 1′
Nasard 2 2/3′ (upper register only)
Tierce 1 3/5′ (same)
Larigot 1 3/5 (same

Pedal – upright – 27 notes

Bourdon 8′

Coupler I/P
Plein Jeu preset
Electric manual and stop action
Acoustics – about 4 seconds (in a very small chapel)

The instrument is made of 216 pipes only, as follows :

Cor Anglais                               56 pipes
Principal 4′ and Octave 2            68 pipes
Bourdon 8′, Flute 4′, Sifflet 1′
Nasard, Tierce and Larigot          92 pipes