Brigham Young Mormon University

Organ nb. 15

This beautiful instrument, donated by an anonymous donor to the Brigham Young University, was constructed by the Danish organ-builder Marcussen. It is installed in the upper part of the amphitheatrically built main hall.
The design of this hall (by architect Reznik) is remarkable on many respects and a feast for the eyes.

The organ was inaugurated in 1987. It was checked for intonation and tuning in 1992 by Marcussen. The two organ cases are made of ash wood very elegant in the simplicity of their modern style. The horizontal Chamade Trumpet on front of the case adds to the beauty of the instrument. The organ is maintained in excellent condition.

Description of the organ

Disposition  39  stops

First manual (lowest) Positive 61 notes
Gedackt 8′
Sesquialtera II
Principal 4′
Quint 1 1/3′
Rohrflöte 4′
Dulcian 8′
Octave 2′
Scharf IV-V

Second Manual Great
Bordun 16′
Gedecktflöte 4′
Principal 8′
Quint 2 2/3′
Spitzflöte 8′
Cornet III
Trompet 8′
Octave 2′
Octave 4′
Mixtur IV-V

Third Manual Swell enclosed
(in a different case, behind the main one)
Salicional 8′
Terts 1 3/5′
Rohrflöte 8′
Nasard 2 2/3′
Voix celeste ‘8
Spanish Trompet 8′ and 4′ (En chamade)Octave 4′
Clairon 4′
Traversflöte 4′
Fagot 16′
Waldflote 2′
Obo 8’
Mixtur V-VI

Pedal radial
Principal 16′
Octave 4′
Soubasse 16′
Hintersatz V
Octave 8′
Basun 16′
Gedackt 4′
Trompet 8′

Couplers III-II, III-I, II-I, III-P, II-P, I-P

Mechanical manual action
Electric stop action
256 free piston total (multi-level solid state memory bank)